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We Replace and Repair Windshields For All Buick Models.

Cars (Coupes & Sedans)

Cascada Reatta Sail
Estate Regal Skyhawk
Excelle Regal Sportback Skylark
LaCrosse Riviera Somerset
LeSabre Roadmaster Verano
Lucerne Park Avenue



Encore Envision Avenir GL8 III
Encore II Enclave Rendezvous
Encore GX Enclave Avenir Rainier
Encore ST Enclave ST Terraza
Envision GL6 2


What Is The Typical Price To Replace A Buick Windshield?

In most cases, the typical price to replace a Buick windshield is between $200 and $300.

Windows, Side Mirrors and other Glass Replacement

We can also replace other glass parts, such as:

  • Leaking windows or windshields
  • Quarter glass
  • Rear window
  • Side mirrors
  • Side windows (passenger and driver side)
  • Vent glass

buick envision window locations diagram

Buick Envision Window Locations (Source)

buick skylark vent glass location

Buick Skylark Vent Glass Location

How Old Can the Buick Be for Us to Be Able to Service It?

We can quickly service any Buick model made after 1980 (simply being that the glass is widely available from most distributors). We can replace vintage era Buick windshields, however, we may need to do some extra hunting to acquire the glass (it may take a few more days to procure the windshield).

Additionally, for all new Buick models, there are a few things we need to know about before we start the windshield replacement process. We need to know about them in order to do the repair properly. That’s why you need to tell us if your Buick has any of the following four things:

  • Forward collision alert system
  • Rain sensor
  • Lane departure warning system
  • Remote start option (typically embedded in the rearview mirror)

How Long Does It Take to Replace the Buick Windshield?

The repair/replacement process for the Buick windshield is typically very straightforward. It takes us about one or up to one and a half hours to replace your windshield.

Bear in mind that some Buick models require molding replacement as well. We will tell you if your model requires this and how long it will take us to finish the whole process.

Who Makes the Buick Windshields We Use?

We only use windshields of the highest quality when replacing windshields for our customers. That’s why all windshields that we use on Buicks are made by the following manufacturers: GM, PGW, Pilkington, and FYG.

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