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We Replace and Repair Windshields For All Cadillac Models.


  • CT4
  • CT4-V
  • CT5
  • CT5-V
  • CT6
  • CT6-V
  • Seville
  • Cimarron
  • Coupe de Ville
  • Sedan de Ville
  • Fleetwood
  • Eldorado
  • Allante
  • Brougham
  • Catera
  • DeVille
  • Sixty Special
  • CTS
  • ATS
  • XTS
  • ELR


  • XT4
  • XT5
  • XT6
  • Escalade
  • SRX

Important Things We’ll Need To Know

Cadillac windshield repair

When you come to us for a Cadillac windshield replacement or repair job, there are several things we need to know about in order to do the best job we possibly can. You need to tell us whether or not your Cadillac has the following things:

  1. Forward collision alert system
  2. Rain sensor
  3. Lane departure warning system
  4. Remote start option
  5. Night Vision

How Much Does It Cost to Replace a Cadillac Windshield?

Most Cadillac models require a similar amount of work on our part. However, there are some variations, which is why the price tends to be different. It mostly depends on the year when the vehicle was made, what model it is, and the features it has. All in all, the typical price for any Cadillac windshield replacement will always be from $200 to $500.

How Long Does It Take to Replace the Cadillac Windshield?

In most cases, it will take us up to an hour and a half to replace the windshield on your Cadillac.

When it comes to the windshields, we only use those of the highest quality when our customers require a replacement job. That’s why all windshields that we use on Cadillacs are made by the following top-quality manufacturers: GM, PGW, FYG, and Pilkington.

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