Alfa Auto Glass Only Services Southern California

If you have a Coachmen RV and need your windshield replaced, then please call us at (714) 323-2672. We service Southern California. We can drive to your RV and perform the replacement.

coachmen mirada select RV windshield replacement

Alfa Auto Glass performing a windshield replacement on a Coachmen Mirada Select RV

Coachmen RV Windshield Replacement – Models We Service

Beyond Freelander 29KB – Ford 450 Mirada 350S
Beyond 22C Freelander 31FS – Ford 450 Nova
Beyond 22D Freelander 31MB – Ford 450 Nova 20C
Beyond 22RB Galleria Nova 20RB
Cross Country 35 Galleria 24A Orion MH 21RS
Cross Country 370DS Galleria 24FL Prism
Cross Country 382DS Galleria 24Q Prism – 24CB
Cross Country 385DS Galleria 24T Prism – 24DS
Cross Trail Leprechaun Prism – 24FS
Cross Trail 20XG Leprechaun 190QB Prism – 24CB
Cross Trail 21XG Leprechaun 210RS – Ford 350 Prism – 24DS
Cross Trail 22XG Leprechaun 220XG – Ford 350 Prism – 24FS
Cross Trail 23XG Leprechaun 220QB- Ford 350 Prism – 2150 LE
Cross Trail 26XG Leprechaun 230CB – Ford 350 Pursuit
Cross Trail 30XG Leprechaun 230FS – Ford 350 Pursuit 27XPS
Cross Trail 31XG Leprechaun 260RS – Ford 350 Pursuit 29SS
Cross Trail 33XG Leprechaun 270QB – Ford 350 Pursuit 29XPS
Cross Trek 21XG Leprechaun 300BH – Ford 450 Pursuit 31BH
Concord Series Leprechaun 317SA – Ford 450 Pursuit 31TS
Concord Series 300ts Leprechaun 260DS – Ford 450 Pursuit 33BH
Encore Leprechaun 298KB – Ford 450 Sportscoach Cross Country 385 DS
Encore 325SS Leprechaun 311FS – Ford 450 Sportscoach SRS
Encore 355DS Leprechaun 319DS – Ford 450 Sportscoach SRS 339DS
Encore 375RB Leprechaun 319MB – Ford 450 Sportscoach SRS 354QS
Encounter 36BH Leprechaun 320BH Sportscoach SRS 365RB
Encounter 37LS Mirada Sportscoach SRS 366BH
Freelander Mirada 29FW Sportscoach SRS 376ES
Freelander 21RS – Ford 350 Mirada 31FW Sportscoach RD
Freelander 22XG – Ford 350 Mirada 300QB Sportscoach RD 402TS
Freelander 23FS – Ford 350 Mirada 315KS Sportscoach RD 403QS
Freelander 27QB – Ford 350 Mirada 31LS Sportscoach RD 410ES
Freelander 30BH – Ford 450 Mirada 35BH
Freelander 26DS – Ford 450 Mirada 35ES


Note: If you don’t see your model on the list, there’s a 99% chance we can replace the windshield. Please call us at (714) 323-2672.

Before We Get There

Replacing RV windshields is somewhat of a big task. We use ladders and power tools to do the job. Additionally, RV windshields are quite large. We will need some room to do the job. If your RV is parked in a driveway or carport, please move other cars to the street or make some space for us :).

Taking Insurance

We do take insurance for glass and windshield repairs. Just let us know that you plan on using your insurance when you call. We’ll work with your insurance company to get all payments settled and squared away. Keep in mind, you may have to pay a deductible.

Other Glass Repairs

We can also repair and/or replace side windows, rear windows, and window frames.

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