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After years of service, bus windows can take plenty of abuse. Whether it’s from accidents, vandalism or rock impacts – bus windows and windshields will need to get replaced. If you need a local service that can quickly replace bus glass parts, Alfa Auto Glass is here to serve you.

If you need windows or windshields replaced on an ENC bus, then please call (714) 323-2672 to schedule an appointment.

Background / History of ENC Buses

ENC is short for El Dorado National–California. ENC was formed in 1991 in Riverside, CA. They supply buses to many metropolitan bus services around the United States (for instance Los Angeles Metro Bus).

Models We Service

Axess BRT 40′ CNG Axess 40′ E-Z Rider II 35′
Axess 32′ Axess 40′ BEB Passport-HD 30′
Axess 32′ BEB Axess 40′ FC Passport-HD 35′
Axess 32′ EVO-BE Axess 40′ EVO-BE XFH 29′
Axess 35′ Axess EVO-FC 40′ XFH 33′
Axess 35′ BEB E-Z Rider II 30′ XFH 35′
Axess 35′ EVO-BE E-Z Rider II 32′ XFH 40′


If a model is not listed above that needs glass replacement, then please contact us and we will see if the part is available.

enc bus side windows left and right windshield

ENC Axess BRT 40′ Bus – Side Windows and Windshields Shown (Source)

ENC Window & Glass Services

Alfa Auto Glass can replace windshields (left windshield, right windshield – or – driver side windshield, passenger side windshield). Additionally, Alfa Auto Glass can replace side windows, rear windows and door windows.

We travel to your facility to perform glass replacement service. When you call, please provide instructions on how to enter your yard or facility and any other details we need to know when working on your premises. If you are a private owner, we can travel to your home or office to complete the required glass replacement.

ENC EZ Rider Bus Windshield

ENC EZ Rider Bus – Driver Side and Passenger Side Windshields Shown (Source)

Other Bus Manufacturers We Service

Additional Resources

Below, we have listed ENC’s social media accounts and a link to their website.