We are based out of Southern California. We can travel to your school or facility to do the windshield replacement. Please call (714) 323-2672 to schedule an appointment or to request a free quote.

international school bus front windshields

We can replace both windshields or single left pane or single right pane.

International Bus Windshield Replacement: Models We Service

1753 CE IC-BE
3000 CE300 IC-RE
3000 FE Durastar 4400 IC3S530
3200 Genesis PB105
3800 IC
3900 IC-AE


If you do not see your International Bus model in the list above, please call us at (714) 323-2672 and we’ll let you know if we can service your model. If your International Bus was manufactured before 1980, we may have a difficult time sourcing a new windshield. However, it depends on the model (some older bus models are easier to source windshields than others).


We do routinely work with insurance companies to fulfill windshield replacement costs. Be sure to check your insurance policy to see if it covers windshield and glass replacement and how much the deductible is.

Important On-Site Considerations

If we repair or replace a windshield at a school it is important that children and students are not present when we commence work. We will be using ladders and our tools will be out which can present hazards to children and students that may be in the vicinity. We can repair and replace windshields on weekends, before or after school hours. Additionally, you may prefer us to work in a part of the school (or a facility) where students aren’t able to access.

International Bus Glass and Window Repair

If your bus has a broken side window (or back window), we can replace those as well. Please call us at (714) 323-2672 and text us a photo of the glass that needs to be replaced. We will need the year, make, model and VIN number of the bus to source the glass.

Coming to Our Facility

It’s possible to replace your windshield at our facility, however, it will have to be after hours so that there’s enough room in our lot for your bus. Weekends are also a possibility as our lot is usually empty then.

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