If you have an older car, van or truck – chances are it has a manual window crank. We’re talking about a time when vehicles were made before power windows.

The mechanical devices inside car doors that roll windows up and down can break. The technical term for this device is: window regulator. And the good news is we fix them!

We Service Customers in Southern California

Alfa Auto Glass is based out of Tustin, CA. We can drive to your car, van or truck to repair your car window mechanism if your vehicle is located in Southern California. Please call (714) 323-2672 to schedule an appointment.

We can travel to your vehicle and replace the window regulator on the spot. Depending on your car’s year, make and model, it can take a couple of hours to do the replacement. If we are traveling to your home to perform our service, please put your dogs away and keep children away from our work area. We will be using tools.

We can replace the window regulators on both the driver and passenger side windows, as well as window regulators for rear windows.

Note: We can also replace vehicle power window regulators.

Quality Certified Car Window Repair

Windows come in all shapes and sizes, so it is important to make sure you are getting the right glass if it is being replaced. Our company has been serving Orange County and Los Angeles for over 20 years. We own warehouses in Orange County and Los Angeles that are generously stocked with a wide variety of glass and parts so we are prepared for almost any car window repair that comes along.

alfa auto glass service truck

If you have any chips or cracks in your front glass then be sure to ask about our windshield repair services. When you have comprehensive insurance then they will probably pay for the work. We even file the paperwork for you.