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We Replace and Repair Windshields For All Mazda Models.

Alfa Auto Glass services all of Southern California. We are a 100% mobile service, which means we come to you! Call (714) 323-2672 for a free quote.

We’ve been replacing Mazda windshields throughout Southern California since 1988. We intimately know the details of Mazda windshield and car frame design thanks to the decades of experience we have with this particular brand of vehicles.

To give you a deeper look into our expertise with Mazda, you may know that RX-7s produced in the 1980s have a unique construction for their back window.

Mazda RX-7 back window

You can see black studs that go through the window near the bottom. Additionally, the window is hinged. We’re very familiar with this window assembly as well as all Mazda window and glass assemblies. It’s our years of experience and depth of knowledge of vehicles that makes Alfa Auto Glass the preferred window replacement company for collision centers, car dealerships and auto mechanics throughout Southern California.

Mazda Windshield and Window Replacement (Models We Service):


Mazda 2 Mazda 6 MX-5 RF
Mazda 3 Miata
Mazda 3 Hatchback MX-5



CX-3 CX-9 MX-30 EV
CX-5 CX-30 Tribute
CX-7 CX-50



RX-7 RX-8



Mazda MPV B-Series Truck Mazda 5


mazda miata windshield

We can replace Mazda Miata windshields – convertible or hard top (Source)

How Much Does It Cost To Replace A Mazda Windshield?

The cost to replace a Mazda windshield ranges between $285 to $450 depending on the vehicle.

How long does it take to do a Mazda windshield replacement?

On average it takes our technicians about one hour to an hour and a half to replace a Mazda windshield. Remember, we’re a mobile service so we drive to your home or office and do the replacement there. We do this to save you time and provide extra value by not cutting into your working hours. Why spend the afternoon driving to a shop and waiting around for it to get done?

Auto Glass Services for Mazda

We can replace or repair the following auto glass parts for Mazda vehicles: quarter glass, rear window, side windows and vent glass. We also do rock chip repairs and windshield calibration (older vehicles do not need calibration). Alfa Auto Glass can repair leaky windows or leaking windshields.

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