Alfa Auto Glass Only Services Southern California

We replace National RV windshields as long as the RV is in Southern California. We can travel to you to perform the replacement. Please call (714) 323-2672 for a free quote or to schedule an appointment.

Models We Service

Dolphin 534 Pacifica QS40C Tradewinds 375 LE
Dolphin 535 Sea Breeze 34C Tradewinds 7370
Dolphin 535S Sea Breeze 131 Tradewinds 7374 LTC
Dolphin 635D Sea Breeze 1300 Tradewinds 7390 LTC
Dolphin 5320 Sea Breeze 1310 Tradewinds 7391 LTC
Dolphin 5342 Sea Breeze 1311 Tropi-cal 6351
Dolphin 5355 Sea Breeze 1321 Tropi-cal 6373
Dolphin 5356 Sea Breeze 1341 Tropi-cal T350 LX
Dolphin 5360 Sea Breeze 1350 Tropical 39
Dolphin 5371 Sea Breeze 8341 Tropical 290
Dolphin 5380 Sea Breeze 8375 Tropical 398
Dolphin 6320 Sea Breeze LX 8311 Tropical 6371
Dolphin 6355LX Sea Breeze LX 8360 Tropical TX39C LX
Dolphin 6367LX Sea View 8311 Tropical LX 391
Islander 40 Sea View 8341 Tropical M370
Islander 9402 Surf Side 33B Tropical T370
Marlin 390 Surf Side 3310 Tropical T396LX
Pacifica 40N Surf Side DS32C Tropical T399
Pacifica PC36A Tradewinds 40C
Pacifica PC40D Tradewinds 340


Note: National RV shut down operations in 2007, however many are still on the road and need repair and maintenance. Regardless, we are able to replace any window or windshield on any National RV.

1996 national rv dolphin windshield replacement

Finishing up a windshield replacement on a 1995 National Dolphin RV

Other Services

We also replace National RV windows and frames.

  • Driver side window
  • Entry door window
  • Side windows
  • Bathroom windows
  • Rear window


Many of our customers ask if we take insurance for windshield replacement services. And the answer is: we do! However, how much your insurance will cover will be established in the fine details of your policy. If you are unsure about whether or not your policy covers windshield and window replacement costs, call your agent or insurance company and they will let you know.

Tips To Extending The Life Of Your National RV

Since most National RVs are starting to age and reach the end of their lifespan, we have come up with some tips to maximize the life of your baby.

  • Drive slow. Nothing will make any vehicle last longer than driving like a granny. Accelerate slow, don’t exceed the speed limit and take those turns slow. The simple physics is: the faster the velocity, the more friction, wear and stress gets exerted on virtually all the parts that make up your RV.
  • Carry less weight. Heavy loads wear out tires faster, put more strain on your engine and transmission. If you can shed some pounds on your next trip, you’ll be doing your RV a big favor (you can leave the kitchen sink at home because you already have one onboard!).
  • Watch out when backing up!. Older RVs don’t have rear-facing cameras and just have big ol’ blind spots. Back up slow. Check for poles and objects that can poke, scratch, and dent your RV.

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