Alfa Auto Glass Only Services Southern California

If your Northwood Trailer needs a window or frame replaced, please call (714) 323-2672. Note: We only service trailers in Southern California.

Known for making structural sound, warm coaches – Northwood Trailers are always a pleasure to work on! Northwood RVs are made in La Grande, Oregon USA.

Models We Service

  • Arctic Fox 28F
  • Arctic Fox 22G
  • Arctic Fox 22GQ
  • Arctic Fox 25R
  • Arctic Fox 25W
  • Arctic Fox 25Y
  • Arctic Fox 27-5L
  • Arctic Fox 29-5K
  • Arctic Fox 29-5T
  • Arctic Fox 811
  • Arctic Fox 860S
  • Arctic Fox Camper 865 Wet Bath
  • Arctic Fox Grande Ronde 27-5L
  • Arctic Fox Grande Ronde 28-5C
  • Arctic Fox Grande Ronde 32-5M
  • Arctic Fox North Fork 25R
  • Arctic Fox North Fork 25W
  • Arctic Fox North Fork 22G
  • Arctic Fox North Fork 29RK
  • Arctic Silver Fox Edition 29-5T
  • Classic 25W
  • Desert Fox 24AS
  • Desert Fox 27FS
  • Fox Mountain 235RLS
  • Nash 17K
  • Nash 18FM
  • Nash 19B
  • Nash 23D
  • Nash 24B
  • Nash 24M
  • Nash 25DS
  • Nash 29S
  • Nash 245K
  • Nash 2402RB
  • Wolf Creek 850
  • Wolf Creek 890

northwood artic fox rv trailer

Pictured Above: Northwood Arctic Fox

What We Fix and Replace

We can replace all windows (door, rear, and side windows). We can also replace window frames. We do not fix foggy windows.


We have a few tips for RV and trailer users that we’ve learned over the years.

  • Keep food out of your trailer when you’re in the wilderness. Bears will tear up your trailer looking for anything that has an intriguing scent. You should also remove any food when you get home. Many of our customers still live in bear territory and don’t even realize it (Pasadena and along mountain foothills)!
  • Use desiccants to keep your trailer moisture free. This can help keep your windows from fogging up.
  • If you’re a new trailer owner, spend some time learning how to back up properly. This can save you thousands of dollars in repairs!

northwood nash rv trailer

Pictured Above: Northwood Nash RV

Additional Resources

Preparing For Travel

We haven’t seen any other RV manufacturers create a video like this:

It’s a good checklist you should use before you take your trailer out on the road.