Alfa Auto Glass Only Services Southern California

We can repair and/or replace Prevost RV windshields in Southern California. We will travel to your home or office to do the repair or replacement. Call (714) 323-2672 to schedule an appointment or to get a free quote.

Models We Service

American XLII1S H3-45 Parliament Liberty Elegant Lady XL 40
American Carriage XL H3-45 VIP Millennium
Country Coach 40 H3-45 VIP Angola Royale Coach
Country Coach XL H3-45 VIP Nashville Coach Royale XLII Double Slide
Country Coach XL II 45 H3-45 Specialty Volvo 9700
H3-45 Amadas Coach H3-45 Vantare X3-45
H3-45 Double Side LE Mirage XL Country Coach X3-45 Commuter
H3-45 Executive Coach LE Mirage XL40 X3-45 VIP Entertainer
H3-45 Featherlite LE Mirage XLII Entertainer XL Entertainer
H3-45 Liberty LE Mirage XL Hoffman XL Liberty
H3-45 Liberty Elegant Lady LE Mirage XLI Nashville Coach XL Liberty XLV1S
H3-45 Marathon Coach Liberty Classic XL XLVII Marathon
H3-45 Olympia Liberty Coach


Alfa Auto Glass can replace either (or both) passenger or driver side windshields (whether they’re damaged, cracked, smashed, broken or are leaking). You may refer to either windshield as the left or right windshield – we’ll know what you’re talking about :).

Prevost might be the most unique RVs on the market because of their windows. Prevost boasts “full height” side windows which give panoramic views. They also state that the amount of sunlight that can be let into their RVs are unrivaled. Well, we want to make sure you can enjoy those spectacular views in case any of them get damaged! Call us at (714) 323-2672 to schedule an appointment.

Other RV Brands Under Prevost We Service

Prevost now has several brands under it’s name that we also provide glass services for:

Emerald Luxury Coaches

We can replace glass parts on the following models (or older):

Featured Coach: #0351, #0401, #0410, #0459, #0543, #0663, #0729, #0796, #1010, #1048, #1106, #1120, #1121, #1134, #1138, #1153, #1156, #1161, #1164, #1197, #1252, #1268, #3203, #3225, #3267, #3537, #3999, #5389, #5838, #5859, #5892, #5915, #5927, #5952, #5934, #5970, #5990, #5998, #6515, #6715.

Featherlite Coaches

We service both Vantaré H3-45 and Vantaré XLII models as well as individual coach models (300 to 3800).

Liberty Coach

We can replace windshields on Elegant Lady models #867 through #906 as well as earlier models.

Marathon Coach

We can service the glass parts on models based on H3-45, X3-45, XLII-45. Years 1990 to 2025.

Millennium Luxury Coaches

We can repair and replace windshields, frames, and windows on any Millennium Luxury Coach since they are modified Prevost RVs. If you own a Millennium Coach and need glass or windshield replacement, please call (714) 323-2672.

Other Window, Glass and Window Frame Services

Not only do we replace windshields, we can replace most glass and windows on Prevost Class A motorhomes. This includes:

prevost rv windshield and vehicle glass nomenclature

Prevost RV Windshield and Vehicle Glass Nomenclature

Note: Recent Prevost motorhomes have patented “frameless windows”. We can replace broken frameless windows as well.


We do take insurance and we will work with your company or agent to get repair payments taken care of. Chances are you will have to pay a deductible, just check your policy or call your agent or insurance company if you have questions about your coverage.

Older / Vintage Prevost Windshield Replacement

vintage prevost windshield

Vintage Prevost Windshields (Source)

If you have an older Prevost RV or bus that needs new windshields, we can replace either the left or right windshield. If it’s a single glass piece we can replace those as well. Just be sure to have your VIN ready so we can source the required parts.