Rivian windshield replacement in Southern California. Alfa Auto Glass is located in Orange County. Our mobile service can drive to your Rivian truck or SUV to repair and replace glass parts.

Rivian is one of the newest electric vehicles on the scene. And they’re a local! Headquartered in the next city over (Irvine), we’re proud to say we can replace Rivian windshields!

Rivian R1S SUV view of windshield and side windows

Pictured Above: Rivian R1S – View of Windshield and Side Windows (Source)

Models We Service

  • R1S
  • R1T

How Does Our Service Work?

It’s really easy!

  • 1. Call (714) 323-2672.
  • 2. Schedule an appointment.
  • 3. We’ll drive out to your vehicle with the parts and replace them on the spot!

Since Rivian is a new truck company, glass parts may have to be ordered first. We’ll let you know!

Being Such A New Company, How Can We Replace Glass Parts?

With brand new automobile companies starting up that are not spin offs from major manufacturers, assuming we have access to parts can be a mistake. That’s why we waited to make this announcement until 2022. However, we just got word in early January that we are able to replace glass parts on Rivian trucks and SUVs! If you request our services, please call (714) 323-2672.

What Rivian glass parts can Alfa Auto Glass replace?

We can replace the following parts:

  • Windshield
  • Passenger & Driver’s Side Window
  • Rear Window
  • Side Mirrors
  • Quarter Glass
  • Vent Glass

We only use OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) glass.

2022 Rivian R1T rear window

R1T Rear Window

Questions about insurance

Glass repair for newer vehicles is becoming increasingly expensive. Be sure to check your insurance policy to see if glass and windshield repair is covered and under what circumstances. If you work with a specific insurance agent, give them a call and find out. Knowing the details of your policy can save you a lot of money down the road.

At Alfa Auto glass we regularly take payments from insurance companies to pay for repairs.

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