Alfa Auto Glass Only Services Southern California

If you own an Alfa RV and are located in Southern California, we can come to your RV and replace the windshield and/or other windows. Please call (714) 323-2672 to schedule an appointment.

Alfa RV Models We Service

  • Founder
  • Gold
  • Leisure See Ya
  • See Ya
  • So Long
  • Any Class A Alfa RV

Note: Alfa RVs are no longer being manufactured – however, that doesn’t mean we can’t replace their windows and windshields to keep them roadworthy.

Alfa RVs are known for their spaciousness, entry level price and large windows! They stopped production of Alfa RVs after the 2008 financial crash. This recession hurt the RV business since consumers had little to no disposable income for recreational vehicles and travel.

2002 alfa see ya rv windshield replacement

2002 Alfa See Ya Getting a Passenger Side Windshield

Alfa Window Replacement & Other Services

We can also replace any window on your Alfa RV. We can fix or replace:

  • Driver side or passenger side windshields (left or right)
  • Entry door windows
  • Rear windows
  • Bathroom and other side windows

Do We Take Insurance?

If you have your motorhome insured, we can work with your insurance company to handle payment for new windows or windshields. Not all policies cover glass repairs, so your best bet is to call your insurance company or agent and find out what your policy covers (and if there’s a deductible).

Why We Like Working On Alfas

It’s the name! It happens to be purely coincidental, but every time we get to work on an Alfa, it just feels like it was meant to be. It puts a big smile on our face. And it’s a great name :).

What Alfa Owners Say

“The Alfas at the time were trying to be the ‘most like home’ they said.” Again, Alfas have a lot of room. It’s very comparable to a hotel room on wheels of any of the RVs we come across.

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