Fast Auto Glass Repair

Alfa Auto Glass has been providing fast auto glass repair for over 30 years. Our expert mobile team comes out to your location to repair chips, nicks, cracks, and more.

broken car glass

We work on all makes and models and even repair power window motors & regulators, as well as rear glass, rain sensors, rear defrosters, and radio antennas that are embedded into the glass.

Chips and nicks in the glass will virtually disappear when we are finished. Small cracks can be dealt with as well – if we are able to catch them early enough before they spread too big.

Auto Glass Repair Services

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Auto Glass Chip Repair

Chips are small divots in glass – similar to how you might create a divot in a golf course when you swing and take a chunk out of the green. Sometimes, something similar can happen to auto glass. Learn more about our auto glass chip repair services.

Auto Glass Crack Repair

All vehicle glass can get cracked: windshields, passenger windows, rear windows, etc. If the crack is small enough, you don’t have to replace the windshield. A special glass treatment can be performed to keep the crack from propagating. Learn more about our auto glass crack repair services.

Auto Glass Replacement

If your auto glass damage has gone beyond a small chip or crack, you’ll need to replace the glass entirely. We can replace windshields, passenger windows, rear windows and even side mirrors. Learn more about our auto glass replacement services.

Automotive Vent Glass Repair

Vent glass is the small window adjacent to a side window. They usually can’t be opened nor can then be rolled up or down. In older cars, one could open them by “popping” them ajar like a small door. Learn more about our vent glass repair services.

Automotive Quarter Glass Repair

Quarter glass is another type of automotive glass term that consumers rarely know about. Quarter glass is usually the back, side window in an SUV or sometimes in a sedan. These windows rarely break, but it does happen! Learn more about our quarter glass repair services.

Automotive Rear Back Glass Repair (Rear Window)

Rear windows can crack, chip or break just like windshields can. The only slight advantage is you can still safely operate your vehicle if your rear window is cracked. But it’s still not a pretty sight! Learn more about our rear back glass repair.

SNUGTOP Camper Shell Window Replacement

Camper shell windows can also break! From thieves to unfortunate incidents (like backing into things), camper shells are no stranger to broken windows. Learn more about our SNUGTOP camper shell window replacement services.