Alfa Auto Glass Only Services Southern California

Alliance RV is known for manufacturing quality recreational vehicles. However, even the best built RVs can suffer from broken windows. If your Alliance, RV has a broken or cracked window, and you’re located in Southern California, then please call (714) 323-2672.

We can replace windows on Alliance RV luxury 5th wheels, trailers and premium haulers.

Models We Service

Avenue 30RLS Paradigm 340RL Valor 37V13
Avenue 31BHS Paradigm 370FB Valor 40V13
Avenue 32RLS Paradigm 372RK Valor 41V15
Avenue 33RKS Paradigm 382RK Valor 42V13
Avenue 36BRM Paradigm 385FL Valor 43V13
Paradigm 295MK Paradigm 390MP
Paradigm 310RL Valor 36V11


Note: If your model is not listed above, please call us at (714) 323-2672 and we’ll check to see if we can service it (most likely we can!).

alliance fifth wheel paradigm rv side windows

Alliance Fifth Wheel Paradigm RV Side Windows

What Can You Fix / Replace On Alliance RVs?

We can fix and/or replace:

  • Window Frames
  • Side Windows
  • Rear Windows
  • Door Windows

alliance rv avenue side windows

Alliance RV Avenue – Side Windows

Insurance Questions?

Many of our customers do pay for window replacements using their insurance. Chances are you will have to pay a deductible (whatever that is for your policy). It’s a good idea to give your agent or insurance company a call to find out the details of your particular policy.

RV-ing Tips

  • Insurance – Spend time on RV forums and ask people for their experience using different insurance companies. Some companies are more of a pain to deal with than others. Learn from those who have had to go down the claims road before!
  • Practice Backing Up – Some broken windows occur from people backing their RV into objects. We recommend practicing backing up in an empty parking lot so you can get used to the funny feeling of turning a trailer that’s being towed.
  • Drive Slow – Not only will you save gas, but it’s also a lot safer. Trailers are not designed to be towed at 80 mph. Think about your family and others around you.

Additional Resources

Alliance RV is located in Elkhart, Indiana. The phone number to the main office is (574) 218-7165