We can replace Autocar Truck windshields – if the truck is located in Southern California. We provide a mobile service where we can replace windshields, windows and mirrors on the spot. Please call (714) 323-2672 to schedule an appointment or to obtain a free quote.

Autocar Xpert Truck with new windshield

Autocar Xpert (Source)

Models We Service

We can replace the windshields and windows for Autocar terminal tractors, yard spotters, flatbeds, dump trucks, medium-duty vocational trucks and garbage trucks. Here is a list of common models we service:

2021 Models

  • ACMD – Medium / Heavy Duty Cabover
  • ACX – Severe Duty Cabover
  • ACTT – Terminal Tractor
  • E-ACTT
  • DC-64 – Severe Duty Conventional

Older Models

  • A7564T
  • ACL42
  • ACL42B
  • ACL64
  • ACL64B
  • ACL64F
  • ACL66
  • ACM64
  • ACX64
  • AT64
  • C9364B
  • DC64B
  • DC64D
  • DC-64M
  • DC-64P
  • DC64R
  • DC75T
  • DC-84D
  • DC100
  • DC9964
  • DK64
  • DK64B
  • KM64
  • S64F
  • S64TB
  • WX Xpeditor
  • WX64
  • WXLL Xpeditor
  • WXLL42
  • WXLL64
  • WXR64

Autocar Glass Replacement Services

We can replace other glass / windows on Autocar vehicles. For instance, we can replace:

  • Side mirrors
  • Back windows
  • Driver side windows
  • Passenger side windows
  • Vent glass

If you have a question about a window or glass part – and whether or not we can replace it, please call (714) 323-2672.

Port Yard Spotter Windshield Replacement

Alfa Auto Glass is located in Southern California, close to the ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach. We can quickly service yard spotters used in cargo roles. All glass and windshield replacement jobs can be done the same day.

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