Alfa Auto Glass Only Services Southern California

We can replace windows on Braxton Creek RVs if the RV is located in Southern California. Please call (714) 323-2672 to book an appointment.

Braxton Creek makes your classic teardrop-shaped trailers. These are nice because their lightweight and a bit more aerodynamic than your typical box-shaped trailer. We also like the fact that they position themselves as the “Family-Connecting RV Company”.

Models We Service

  • Bushwhacker 10HD
  • Bushwhacker 10FB
  • Bushwhacker Plus 15 DS
  • Bushwhacker Plus 15 FK
  • Bushwhacker Plus 17 BH
  • Bushwhacker Plus 17 FD

If you don’t see your model listed above, please give us a call at (714) 323-2672 and let us know your model. Or send us a text with a photo of your trailer and we’ll let you know if we can replace the windows on it.

Check Your Warranty!

Braxton Creek RVs do come with a two year, bumper-to-bumper warranty. Now, we know that trailers don’t really have bumpers, but they’re pretty straightforward about their policy. This warranty comes from Braxton Creek and not the dealer. If one of your windows is defective, this warranty probably has you covered. If you broke a window, then call us if you are in Southern California.

A Few Tips

Braxton Creek RVs are meant for family camping trips. With that said, we have a few tips for you RV campers out there.

  • Bears Can Tear Through RVs – Your average black bear isn’t necessarily aggressive, but they are very strong. They can really wreck your RV if they smell food or something interesting in it. Keep all foods and scented items in a bear canister or bear box when going camping.
  • Drive 55 – A lot of people seem to forget this these days, but in some states you are supposed to drive 55 mph if you’re towing a trailer. Towing a trailer means you’re less maneuverable, it takes longer to stop and it’s possible to jackknife. Keep it safe!
  • Watch Behind You – Trailers present a big blind spot when you’re reversing. Remember, children or unsuspecting pedestrians might be behind your trailer. Make sure you’re clear to back up.

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