At Alfa Auto Glass of Southern California, we repair and replace Capacity Yard Truck windshields. Please call (714) 323-2672 to schedule an appointment or to obtain a free quote.

If your Capacity Yard Truck has a broken or cracked windshield, we can replace it – no problem. We’re close to the ports of Long Beach and Los Angeles as well as the major warehouse centers around Southern California.

Note: We only service Capacity trucks that are located in Southern California.

Models We Service

Sometimes refer to as “Capacity of Texas” or port trucks, Capacity yard trucks are seeing a lot of action these days. And that means more wear and broken windows. Here are some of the models we commonly work on:

Sabre5 TJ4000e TJ7000
Sabre9 TJ5000 TJ9000
Sabre Tandem TJ5500e YT30
Spotter TJ5000DR
TJ4000 TJ6500 Zero Emissions


Note: We probably can service very early TJ Series models. Our general rule of thumb is anything made after 1980 is serviceable. Please call (714) 323-2672 if you have an older Capacity yard truck that needs any form of glass replacement.

We also service trucks that are DURA-RIDE® models.

Other Glass Services

In addition to windshields, we can also replace:

  • Side Windows
  • Back Windows
  • Side Mirrors

Other Names For These Type Of Trucks

  • Yard Jockeys
  • Spotter Trucks
  • Workhorse Trucks
  • Mules
  • Warehouse Trucks

A Few More Things..

  • If your Capacity truck is located in a rail yard or airport, please let us know when you call. We’ll need to know if our work van can drive to the truck. Sometimes this can be a problem if there isn’t a way for our van to get to the yard truck (we need access to our van for tools and supplies).
  • It typically takes us one to two hours to replace a yard truck windshield. This does not include travel time.
  • We do take insurance payments. However, this entirely depends on the terms of your business insurance policy.

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