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If you’re local to the Southern California area and have a Casita Travel Trailer that needs a window replaced, then give us a call at (714) 323-2672 to schedule an appointment.

This RV brand has an extremely loyal following. Since 1983, they have been known for their cute, quaint and comfy trailers. One could almost say they pioneered the mini trailer experience.

Casita trailers are popular with campers and outdoor enthusiasts. They are relatively small for trailer standards which makes them a lot easier to tow and park in small campsites. Being road vehicles they are susceptible to rock chips, and window cracks. Not to mention the hazards of backing up!

Models We Service

  • Freedom
  • Heritage
  • Independence
  • Liberty
  • Spirit

Casita travel trailers typically have a door window on the right side of the vehicle, a rear right-side window, a rear window and two to three left-side windows.

casita spirit rv right side and door window

Casita Spirit Right Side Door and Side Window

What We Can Repair & Fix

We can repair or replace:

  • Side windows
  • Rear windows
  • Door windows
  • Window frames

Paying For RV Window Repairs With Insurance

We take payments from insurance companies all the time. Most insurance companies will require you to pay your deductible. The billing process can take months, but your windows will be replaced right away. It will take time for your insurance company to process the paperwork and issue us payment. We’re used to it!

Tips To Protect Your Windows

  • Be careful when reversing your trailer. This is where most of the broken windows we see come from. If you’re new to driving around with a trailer, then consider practicing backing up in an empty parking lot and get to know your blind spots.
  • Beware of the bears! When you go camping, please put EVERYTHING that has any scent (we mean ANY SCENT) in a bear canister or bear box. Bears can easily rip open your trailer if they smell something interesting inside.

casita freedom rv right side and door window

Casita Freedom Right Side Door and Side Window

Additional Resources

Casita Travel Trailers are headquartered in Rice, TX. Below you will find links to their website and social media profiles.