Note: Crane Carrier (also known as CCC Trucks) is now a part of Battle Motors. However, on this page we list older Crane Carrier models as well.

Crane Carrier Windshield Replacement

Alfa Auto Glass is located in Southern California. Please call (714) 323-2672 to schedule a windshield replacement appointment. We are able to travel to your truck to perform the work.

CCC Century mixer view of windshield and glass

Crane Carrier Cement Mixer – View of Windshield, Driver-Side Window and Cab Glass (Source)

Our windshield repair service applies to cement mixers, yard spotters, garbage trucks, as well as all models of CCC Trucks. If the vehicle was built before 1980, please call us and have your VIN number ready. We can check to see if glass is available for your specific model.

Models We Service

AG IFL – Integrated Front Loader Low Entry Tilt II – CNG
Centaur IRL – Integrated Rear Loader Low Entry Tilt II – Diesel
Centaur II Yardspotter LDT2 Low Entry Tilt II – Electric
Centurion LE Low Entry Tilt II Crew Cab – Diesel
Century II LE8500 Low Narrow Tilt – Diesel
CFR LET2 Low Narrow Tilt – Electric
DR20126 LET23
FDM – Front Discharge Mixer LET40


Note: We can perform glass repair services on Low Entry Garbage Trucks.

Other CCC Glass Services

In addition to windshields, we can repair and/or replace side mirrors, cab windows, side windows (driver or passenger) and rear windows.

Paying by Insurance

If your insurance policy covers glass repair, then you can have your insurance company pay for the repairs. Check your deductible and give your policy a read through. You can also call your agent to find out what exactly (and how much) your policy covers.

Common Glass and Window Hazards

The environment and day-to-day work hazards that Crane Carrier Trucks experience put their windows at constant risk. Whether it’s a busy warehouse or port facility to active constructions sites – CCC trucks are constantly having close calls. To lengthen the life of glass replacement, be sure to:

  • Drive Slow
  • Watch Where You’re Going
  • Check Your Surroundings Twice

Extra attention and awareness when operating CCC trucks will prevent accidents and mishaps that can cause damage to windshields and windows. Consider upgrading or changing your insurance to cover for such accidents.

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