Southern California – the land of the food truck! Single-handedly changed the restaurant and eatery game. Well, even food trucks break windshields.

If you have a food truck that needs a new windshield, please call 714-323-2672 to schedule an appointment. We will travel to you to replace your windshield.

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Food trucks have a propensity to get their windshield cracked by freeway debris. The aerodynamics of the typical food truck don’t promote”up and over” airflow as much as more aerodynamic vehicles like a Porsche or Tesla. Instead, rocks and pebbles tend to smack right into food truck windshields when they are traveling down the freeway.

food truck aerodynamics

Food Truck Aerodynamics – Unlike aerodynamic vehicles, food trucks take airflow head on – which means they’re rock and gravel attractors.

food truck


Food Truck Windshield Replacement

Alfa Auto Glass services most of metropolitan Southern California. We will travel to your truck to replace the windshields on the spot.

We can replace a single windshield or both right and left windshields (if that’s how your truck is configured). Please have your VIN ready so we can source glass parts quickly.

Tips To Avoid Breaking Food Truck Windows

Over the years we’ve learned a few things about food and delivery trucks. Hopefully, these tips will help you avoid windshield breakage.

Drive Slow

slown down road sign

The slower you drive, the less impact freeway and highway rocks will exert on your windshield. You also reduce the wear and tear on your truck, avoid accidents, save gas and all sorts of good stuff.

Don’t Drive Behind Gravel Haulers

gravel hauling truck

Gravel haulers are big commercial trucks that have a trailer that doesn’t have a roof or covering. They usually haul loose rocks and debris. And as they travel down the freeway, they bounce, vibrate and shake out rocks, pebbles, and gravel. Unfortunately, if you’re traveling behind one of these trucks, your windshield will take one right to the face.

The general rule of thumb is to keep about 300 feet of distance between you and these trucks. At the very least, you can keep one vehicle in between you and the gravel hauler if that makes things easier for you.


black bear

Believe it or not, some food trucks do park around areas where bears are active in Southern California. And boy-oh-boy, do food trucks emanate delicious smells that lure bears from miles around!

Some areas and cities to watch out for: Altadena, Azuza, Big Bear, Burbank, Glendale, Glendora, La Canada, Lake Arrowhead, Mt. Baldy Village, San Antonio Heights, Upland, Wrightwood.

The best bet is to just keep an eye out for these cuddly critters and get ready to drive off if you see one approaching. If you live in one of the cities we mentioned above, you might want to really clean out your truck at night, disinfect, and be sure to move all food items out of your truck. Additionally, anything that gives off an interesting scent like lip balm, sunscreen, condiments, etc. – you should take those items out of your truck as well.

Choose Your Venues Wisely

rowdy music festival


Food trucks are popular at events, live shows, and music festivals. Sometimes these events can get rowdy. With that comes flying objects, bottles, and chaos. What you make in one night can be substantially offset by windshield or vehicle damage. So, if you can gauge what events have the highest revenues and least chaos, perhaps prioritize that way.

The Hilarious Naming Convention Of Food Trucks

One thing we like to joke about here at Alfa Auto Glass are all the names people have come up with food trucks over the years. Here are some of our favorites:

  • Roach Coach 🪳
  • Taco Truck 🌮
  • Catering Truck 🚚
  • Gourmet Food Truck 🍽️

Some of our favorite food trucks

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The Grilled Cheese Truck

Baby’s Badass Burgers

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