We are a 100% mobile-based service: We will travel to where you are to replace repair your Freightliner windshield. We service Southern California only.

Freightliner semi truck windshield replacement

We can replace double-paned Freightliner windshields as well

Newer Models

108SD CA113DC M2 106
108SD Plus Cascadia® M2 106 Plus
122SD Cascadia® Natural Gas M2 112
114SD eCascadia® M2 112 Natural Gas
114SD Natural Gas EconicSD M2 112 Plus
114SD Plus eM2


Older Models

This includes C-Series, SD-Series, Classic Series, FLA-Series, FLB-Series, FLT-Series, FLD-Series, SD-Series and some FLC-Series (1980 and newer)

Argosy FLA 9664T FLD 120 64 T
Business Class M2 FLA COE FLD 120 HD
Century Class FLB FLD 120 SD
Classic FLB 100 42T FLD 120 SFFA
Classic XL FLB 104 64 FLD 132 64T
Columbia FLB 9664 FLD 132
Coronado FLC 120 FLL-Series
FLA FLC 120 64 FLT
FLA 75 FLC 120 64 T FS-65
FLA 104 FLC 120 84 FLT 6442
FLA 104 64 FLD FLT 7564
FLA 7542T FLD 112 FLT 9664
FLA 8662 FLD 120 WFC120
FLA 8664T FLD 120 42 S
FLA 9664 FLD 120 64 ST


semi-truck windshield replacement los angeles truck yard

2012 Freightliner Cascadia windshield being replaced

Multi-Pane Semi Truck Windshields? No Problem!

We can replace single windshield or Freightliners that have left and right windshields. Installation time runs a bit longer than replacing a single windshield, but still easy-peasy for us!

Windshield Gaskets

Depending on the year of your truck, certain Freightliner windshield replacement jobs come with new gaskets to ensure a weatherproofed and noise reduced fit. If you’re noticing moisture, or water leaks – or even louder than usual cab noise, your gaskets may need to be replaced.

Other Repairs and Replacements

We can also replace cab glass, rear windows, and mirrors on your Freightliner truck.

Freightliner Cascadia passenger side windshield replacement

Freightliner Cascadia Passenger Side Windshield Replacement

Port of Long Beach, Los Angeles, (San Pedro)

If you are traveling to or from the LA ports, we can service your windshield there. Please call us at (714) 323-2672 to schedule an appointment.

Port Hueneme

If you are in the Port Hueneme area, we can also service you. We can even meet you on your way out of town or into the Los Angeles area.

San Diego & The International Border

If you are heading into the U.S. or receiving a shipment from the San Diego area, we can also meet you there to perform a windshield installation.

freightliner crane truck windshield replacement job

Keeping America moving! Alfa Auto Glass is on the job replacing the windshield on a Freightliner Crane Truck.

We Take Commercial Semi Truck Insurance Payments

We do routinely work with insurance companies to pay for windshield repairs. Most of our customers will have a deductible so check with your policy (or better yet, call your agent) to see what amount of coverage your insurance will cover for a full windshield replacement. Usually, insurance for commercial trucks has a high deductible. With that said, it’s always a great idea to shop around for a policy with better terms – most insurance agents will do free quotes.

2018 freightliner cascadia windshield replacement

2018 Cascadia getting a new windshield.

freightliner driver side window replacement

Shown Above: Driver-Side Window

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