We can replace any International Truck windshield. Please call (714) 323-2672 to get a free quote.

We Service All Of Southern California

We service Southern California only.

We are a 100% mobile service. We will travel to your semi-truck to replace your windshield.

If you are coming to Southern California, feel free to call us to schedule a time to meet. We can plan to meet you at your drop off location to perform the windshield repair.

international paystar windshield replacement

International Paystar Windshield Replacement Job – November 2022

San Pedro / LA Harbor

We frequently replace International Truck windshields in the San Pedro / LA Harbor area. If you are picking up or dropping off in this area, we can meet you to replace your windshield.

Port of Long Beach

If you are across the Vincent Thomas Bridge in Long Beach, we can meet you there.

2016 International commercial truck windshield replacement before and after

Before and After: 2016 International Commercial Truck Windshield Replacement

Port Hueneme

We can meet you at Port Hueneme as well. We can also meet you at any warehouse area in the Oxnard, Ventura or Camarillo area.

San Diego Area

International semi truck windshield replacement

International Semi Models We Service

2275 9200 Lonestar
2375 9300 LT
2552 9400 LT625
2554 9670 LT Series
2654 9900 MV Series
2674 CV Series Paystar 5000
2575 Durastar Paystar 5500
4200 Durastar 4300 Paystar 5600
4300 Durastar 4400 Paystar 5900
4400 Electric MV Series Paystar
4700 F1954 Prostar
4800 F2574 Prostar+
4900 F5050 RH Series
5500 F8200 S2500
5600 F9670 S600
7300 HV Transtar
7400 HV Series Transtar 8600
7500 HV513 Workstar
7600 HV613 Workstar 7300
8100 HX Workstar 7400
8200 HX Series Workstar 7500
8500 HX520 Workstar 7600
8600 HX615
9100 HX620


international semi truck driver side window

Driver-Side and Sleeper Cab Windows Shown Above


All replacements come with a new gasket to provide a good seal between the cab and the windshield. If you are noticing water or moisture leaks, or internal cab noise, you may want to replace the gasket on your existing windshield.

Are you traveling to Southern California?

If you’re hauling a load to Southern California or on your return trip and you got a crack or rock chip, call us to schedule an appointment to have your windshield replaced.

International Truck Vehicle Types

  • Cargo Trucks
  • Cement Mixers
  • Dump Trucks
  • Semi-Trucks / Tractor Trailers

international lt semi truck windshield replacement

A 2014 LT getting a new windshield

International Truck Resources

If you try to contact International’s parent company Navistar, they will recommend that you contact a local International dealer.

Additional Resources