We also replace tractor windshields! We happen to do a lot of Kalmar Ottawa Tractor windshields (especially lately).

Alfa Auto Glass is located in Southern California. If you have a Kalmar Ottawa Tractor that needs a new windshield we can come to your place of business and replace it on the spot. Please call (714) 323-2672 to schedule an appointment or to obtain a free quote.

Kalmar Ottawa Windshield Replacement – Models We Service

Eco Heavy Ottawa 4×2 Off Road Ottawa T2
Heavy 4×4 TR618i Ottawa 6×4 DOT/EPA
Ottawa 4X2 DOT/EPA Ottawa T2E Electric


Ottawa tractors operate in somewhat hazardous conditions. You will usually find them in shipping ports, manufacturing and warehouse settings. It’s pretty easy for a forklift, I-beam or some other protruding object to smash through the windshield.

But not to worry! Alfa Auto Glass has years of windshield replacement experience. We are pretty close to the port of Los Angeles (San Pedro) and Long Beach as well as the warehouse regions of the 710 and 5 freeways. Call us at (714) 323-2672 and we’ll be there as soon as we can to get your tractor back in service.

Where We Service

Not only do we service the LA ports, we can also travel to Orange, Ventura, San Bernardino, Riverside and San Diego County.

Working With Your Business Insurance

Depending on the terms of your insurance policy, your tractor windshield repair cost may be covered. We can help you determine this and get you squared away.

Tips For Not Breaking Your Kalmar Ottawa Windshield

  • Keep Your Speed Down – Blasting through the warehouse. Whipping around corners. They are all recipes for disaster. Not only could you injure someone, it’s a great way to have something smash through the windshield – potentially injuring yourself!
  • Keep Looking Around – Looking straight ahead while you drive your tractor is a good idea obviously, but also keep your head turning and looking around for potential hazards. You never know what’s coming from your side or who’s coming around a corner.
  • Get Off Your Phone – The #1 way people bust windshields in the shipping and warehousing world is by driving around while looking at their phones. Put the phone away!

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