Alfa Auto Glass Only Services Southern California

We replace Newmar RV windshields as long as they are in Southern California. We can travel to your RV to perform the replacement. Please call (714) 323-2672 to get a free quote or to schedule and appointment.

2020 Newmar Ventana RV windshield replacement

Alfa Auto Glass technician replacing the windshield on Newmar Ventana RV

Models We Service

Bay Star King Aire Scottsdale
Bay Star Sport Kountry Star Super Star
Canyon Star London Aire Supreme Aire
Dutch Star Mountain Aire Ventana
Essex Northern Star
Grand Star New Aire


Newmar is really about the enjoyment you get when you spend time with your family. Part of their mission is to make RVs that do exactly that. At Alfa Auto Glass we want to make sure that a silly windshield crack doesn’t ruin your next family vacation or weekend getaway. We’re here to serve you and make sure you get the maximum enjoyment out of your Newmar RV.

newmar mountain aire motorhome side windows and windshield

Mountain Aire Motorhome – Side Windows & Windshield Shown (Source)


If your insurance policy covers windshield and glass repair, then we can accept payment from insurance. Chances are you’ll need to pay a deductible of some amount. We will get your insurance information when you call in and get it sorted out.

Other Glass Services

At Alfa Auto Glass, we service other glass related issues that your Newmar RV may encounter one day. These services include:

  • Driver side window replacement
  • Entry door window replacement
  • Side windows (including bathroom window) replacement
  • Rear window replacements

Tips For Keeping Your Newmar RV Windows and Windshield In Good Condition

  • Avoid driving behind gravel hauling trucks. RVs have much more frontal surface area – rocks and gravel don’t necessarily flow around RVs like they can with smaller vehicles.
  • Be extra careful when backing up. Not only is it difficult to see what’s going on behind such a long vehicle, the added height really increases the total dimensional awareness you need to skillfully maneuver an RV (even with cameras and sensors!).
  • If you go camping: STILL USE BEAR BOXES to store your food. Don’t think your refrigerator is good enough. A hungry bear can still make its way inside your RV. That usually means breaking windows or tearing through doors.

newmar kountry star side windows

Kountry Star Side Windows

In this video, we are preparing to install a new windshield on a Newmar Dutch Star RV.

Our friend was kind enough to film this video of a Newmar RV getting a new windshield (coach glass).

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