Alfa Auto Glass Only Services Southern California

Well hello there! If you have a PeeWee camper that needs a window replaced AND you’re in Southern California, then we can replace it! Please call (714) 323-2672 to schedule an appointment.

PeeWee Campers is located in Nashville, TN. They have been making campers since the 1970s as well as corvette trailers and electric cars for Swiss car-free ski villages. Today, they specialize in small / mini campers which are becoming popular with outdoor enthusiasts.

Models We Service

  • Big Tripper
  • Half Pint
  • Li’l Tripper
  • Small-Fry
  • The Little Transit RV

PeeWee Campers Window Replacement

If you have had an unfortunate mishap of breaking one of your PeeWee camper windows, we’re here to help. We can fix and replace:

  • Left side windows
  • Door windows
  • Rear windows
  • Right side windows
  • Window frames

Typical window sizes: 22″ x 15″

How It Works

Getting your windows fixed is easy. Just follow these steps:

1. Call (714) 323-2672.

2. Let us know a good day for us to come out to your camper.

3. We’ll fix your window in one to two hours. You can sit back and relax, do laundry or catch up on work.

If one of your cars or trucks has a cracked window or windshield, we can fix or replace those as well. Just let us know!


We take credit cards, cash, and payments that are run through your insurance company.

Additional Resources

We highly recommend PeeWee’s free towing instructions that are complimentary when you pick up your camper. We routinely tell our customers to practice backing up their RVs and trailers so they avoid breaking windows.

Their one year warranty doesn’t cover tornado damage or natural disasters. However, they really take good care of their customers if you do have any issues that are covered by their warranty. You can call PeeWee at: 931-675-8494.