Alfa Auto Glass Only Services Southern California

If you need your Pleasure Way RV windshield replaced (or windows) AND you are located in Southern California, then please call (714) 323-2672 to schedule an appointment.

Pleasure Way is a Canadian RV conversion company that primarily focuses on Sprinter Van RV conversions (They also have Ford and Ram versions). We can replace the windshields and windows on any of these RV conversion variants.

Pleasure way prides itself on making hand built RVs that don’t squeak or rattle when you drive them. They have been building RVs this way since 1986.

Models We Service

  • Ascent TS
  • Ontour 2.0
  • Ontour 2.2
  • Plateau FL
  • Plateau TS
  • REKON 4X4
  • Tofino

Note: If you have an older model (Dodge Van versions for example) from Pleasure Way and it’s not listed above, not to worry! We can perform windshield and window replacement on models from previous years.

What We Fix

We can replace windshields, side windows, rear windows, side mirrors, driver and passenger windows.

pleasure way back side window replacement

We recently replaced this rear side window on a Pleasure Way conversion van.

2022 Tofino Granite RV Windshield

Shown Here: Tofino Granite Windshield

Pleasure Way RV Plateau side windows

Shown Here: Plateau Side and Passenger Side Windows

Ontour 2.0 RV rear window

Shown Here: Ontour Rear Window


  • This is usually not a problem with RV/van conversions, but know your vehicle well and practice backing up if it’s your first time owning an RV. Sometimes people will back into objects that can break windows.
  • If you’re camping in an area that has a bear population, be sure to keep all food and scented items outside of your RV or van. Bears are incredibly strong and will rip into your RV if they smell something interesting.
  • Don’t leave valuables in plain sight. This usually applies to the front section of an RV (driver and passenger seat area). That’s one way to get a broken window!

Additional Resources

Pleasure Way Motorhomes can be reached at: 1-800-364-0189. If you’d like to reach out to Pleasure Way on social media or via their website, here’s how: