Alfa Auto Glass Only Services Southern California

We can replace windows on Scamp Travel Trailers. Please call (714) 323-2672 to schedule an appointment. Note: we only service trailers that are located in Southern California.

“America’s Favorite Fiberglass Travel Trailers”

Scamp trailers are unique in that they are made of fiberglass. This provides you with a more aerodynamic and corrosion-resistant trailer. One could say they are lighter, but there are quite a bit of mini / micro campers on the market these days.

Scamp Trailer Window Repair

If your Scamp Trailer has a broken window or window frame, then we can fix it!

Models We Service

  • 13′ – thirteen foot standard
  • 13′ – thirteen foot deluxe
  • 16′ – sixteen foot standard
  • 16′ – sixteen foot deluxe
  • 19′ – nineteen foot deluxe

How Alfa Auto Glass Works

1. Call our phone number at (714) 323-2672. Most likely, Maggie will answer the phone :).

2. Tell us what you need fixed or replaced.

3. Schedule an appointment and we’ll come out to your trailer and fix your windows on the spot.

What We Fix & Replace

  • Door windows
  • Rear windows
  • Side windows
  • Window frames

Remember, your trailer must be located in Southern California for us to fix it. We are not a national company.

Travel Trailer Window Tips

  • Drive 55! – We know how it gets. It’s Friday and you’re running late, and you want to get to your campsite before dark. You’re pretty hopped up on caffeine and you’ve got a lead foot. Remember, one accident will ruin your camping trip and most likely your windows!
  • Trailers are Tricky – Reversing, tight spaces, parking lots – they are all challenges for new trailer owners. They are also scenarios where you might back your window into something. Be patient and practice backing up and maneuvering your trailer.

Additional Resources

We have provided links to the Scamp official website and their social media profiles below. The Scamp phone number is: 1-800-346-4962.

Website & Social Media

Owner’s Resources

Don’t forget to enter the Scamp photo contest to win some free gear. See this page for details.