We can replace your Volvo semi truck windshield wherever you are in Southern California. Call (714) 323-2672 to schedule an appointment. We will drive to you.

Volvo trucks were originally introduced to the European shipping market decades ago and took a few decades to enter the U.S. market. Volvo’s high quality trucks made them obvious workhorses for the U.S. logistics companies.

And we’re thrilled about that! Volvo is known for quality which means windshield installation is straightforward, with their tight fitting tolerances and precision engineering – it’s always a pleasure to see the final product in place!

Another crack?!

The unfortunate physics of a massive semi traveling down the highway at 60 mph means that your average flying rock or hail stone is going to hit the windshield with more force than a regular car. This means windshield cracks are bit more prevalent on big rigs.

Combined with the thousands of miles a big rig continually clocks, the frequency of windshield chips and cracks can start to creep up. But don’t fret! Alfa Auto Glass will take care of your windshield right away and we’ll suggest some improvements you can make to your rig to avoid future cracks.

Volvo semi truck windshield repair

Newer Volvo Models We Service

  • VAH
  • VNL
  • VHD
  • VNR
  • VNX

Older Models We Service

  • FE6
  • FE7
  • VNM

Paying With Insurance

We regularly work with insurance companies to get the cost of replacement taken care of. We’ll also reduce all the back and forth communication between you and your insurance company to make the process as easy as possible.

How Long Does Replacement Take?

Once we arrive at your truck, it typically takes us 2 hours to completely replace your windshield. If you’d like to schedule your replacement early in the morning, just let us know when you call. You can call (714) 323-2672 to schedule an appointment.

Long Beach & Port of LA Servicing

If you are heading to or traveling out of the port area we can meet you at your preferred location. Our headquarters is nearby and we can usually get to the port area quickly.

If you’re heading back into the Los Angeles area, feel free to call ahead to schedule an installation time.

Door Window Glass and Cab Glass

We can also replace most glass and windows on your Volvo semi truck. This includes:

  • Driver side door window
  • Passenger side door window
  • Rear window / cab window
  • Cab side windows