Vent glass is probably the most confusing automotive glass part there is. A lot of this has to do with the history of automobiles and left-over naming conventions.

Let’s get into it!

What is Vent Glass?

isuzu holden truck vent glass location

Traditionally, vent glass is a small piece of glass located on the side of your vehicle near your windshield. It’s usually a triangular shape. Not all cars have vent glass near the windshield.

location of front vent glass on a vehicle

The triangular-shaped glass near the windshield is called “vent glass” or “front vent glass”. Not all vehicles have vent glass.

More recently, vehicles can have rear vent glass towards to back of the vehicle. This is where things can get confusing.. The reason why is it can get confused with quarter glass which is usually the last piece of glass on either side of the vehicle near the trunk or the back.

Some vehicles will only have quarter glass..

vehicle quarter glass location

Some vehicles will have front vent glass, rear vent glass and quarter glass…

front and rear vehicle vent glass locations

Front and rear vehicle vent glass locations

Some will have vent glass that could pass as quarter glass…

sometimes called vent glass

In some rare cases, triangular glass at the rear of the vehicle will be called rear vent glass, even though it could pass as quarter glass.

So how do you know what rear vent glass is?

The answer we have is:

  • Vent glass does not roll up or down. It’s usually fixed in place. However, on older vehicles, vent glass can rotate on it’s vertical axis to open.
  • Any triangular-shaped side glass that’s located at the front or rear of the vehicle.
  • The glass between the quarter glass and the rear door window.

Why Is Vent Glass Called Vent Glass?

Cars made during the middle of the 20th Century (1940s – 1980s) had vent glass that one could open. Usually by rotating the glass along its vertical axis. This allowed the passenger cabin to “vent” or let in fresh air without having to roll down a side window.

Can Vent Glass Be Replaced?

Yes, it can! Vent glass, like all auto glass parts, vent glass has its own serial number and are commonly stocked parts. Any auto glass shop or technician can replace vent glass on any vehicle.

Does Alfa Auto Glass Replace Vent Glass?

Yes, we do! We have been replacing vent glass since 1988. Please call (714) 323-2672 to schedule an appointment to have your vent glass replaced.

Is There Another Name For Vent Glass?

  • Vent window
  • Wing window
  • Wing vent window
  • Fly window
  • Valance glass

Can You Replace Vent Glass On Vintage Vehicles

vintage car vent glass


It really depends. Once we start talking about vehicles made before the 1980s, acquiring glass parts can become more difficult. Especially, when we are talking about vent glass.

For classic automobiles, it’s usually not a problem. Cars like Mustangs, Camaros, Novas, 56 Chevys, etc., vent glass can be easily obtained. For something like a 1961 Fiat, that’s another story. It doesn’t mean vent glass CAN’T be obtained, it’s just not in the normal supply chain. You may have to get the glass off eBay or from a used car parts store. Sometimes junk yards will be able to get it from their yard if the car is in their lot.

How Long Does It Take To Repair Vent Glass?

Replacing vent glass is a very easy process compared to all other auto glass replacement services. It can usually be done under 1/2 hour (this does not include travel time).

Can Vent Glass Be Repaired Without Replacing The Glass?

Actually, it can in some cases! If the glass has a small crack or chip, we can repair the glass without replacing it. We offer crack repair and chip repair services.

Where Can Alfa Auto Glass Travel To?

Alfa Auto Glass can travel to any vehicle located in Los Angeles County, Orange County and parts of the Inland Empire (Western I.E.) to replace vent glass.

Do Semi-Trucks And Big Rigs Have Vent Glass?

Yes! It’s quite common actually. If you look at the driver and passenger side windows of a semi-truck you will see a smaller glass part that doesn’t roll down. That’s the vent glass.

semi truck vent glass

Semi-Truck Vent Glass

Do SUVs Have Vent Glass?

Some SUVs do have vent glass. And in some cases, they will have both front and rear vent glass.

Do You Need Your Vent Glass Replaced?

If you are located in L.A. or Orange County, please call (714) 323-2672 to schedule an appointment. We can meet you at your home or office and replace your vent glass on the spot. You can also come to our facility in Tustin, CA.

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