We can repair and replace Collins Bus windshields as long as the vehicle is located in Southern California. We are primarily a mobile service and will drive out to the bus that needs servicing and do the repair or replacement on the spot.

Collins has been making school buses for over 50 years and use both Chevy and Ford models as a base. As such, windshields are regularly available and are not difficult to source.

Call (714) 323-2672 to book a repair appointment or to ask questions

We are available Monday through Saturday and can travel to most locations around Southern California.

Models We Service

Bantam Electric SL408
Bantam XL Ford E-Transit Super Bantam
DE416WR GM 4500 TL308-F109G
DE516 Grand Bantam TL400
DE516WR Low Floor TH400
DH400 LH600-WF TL408
DH416WR Nexbus TH500
DH500 SH400 TH516WR
DH516 SH408 The Mini
Daycare Bus SL400


Collins Window & Glass Repair

We offer other glass related services for Collins buses. We can replace side windows, including:

  • Driver side window
  • Entry door window
  • Side windows (any row)
  • Vent windows
  • Back window

Important Information About Working At School Locations

If we need to come out to a school location, then we prefer to come when students are not present or are not in the work area. During a windshield replacement process we will have ladders, tools, cords and other trip hazards out and do not want anyone tripping over them.

We are available after school hours or on Saturdays to do repairs and replacements.

Crack Repair

In some cases windshields can develop small cracks and we can stop the propagation of those cracks with a special repair process. This prevents the need to have the entire windshield replaced.

Rock Chip Repair

Bus windshields that have rock chips (where the windshield isn’t cracked) can be repaired. Rock chips are different than cracks and are usually less urgent than cracks.

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