We created this FAQ concerning windshield and auto glass insurance payments because these questions come up a lot. Note: We are located in Southern California and these answers are based on our experience of doing business in this region.

Will most insurance companies pay for windshield and window replacement on a car or SUV?

The short answer is: Yes. Now, you’ll obviously need to have a full coverage policy (and not a liability only policy). Liability only policies are the minimum coverage usually required by state law. It’s the cheapest insurance you can get so you can legally drive. If you have only a liability policy, it will not cover window or windshield replacement.

Will I have to pay a deductible?

Most likely. If we had to guess, maybe 2% of our customers had an insurance policy where the insurance company paid for the total cost of the replacement.

Will most insurance companies pay for windshield replacement on RVs? What about window and frame replacement?

Yes. Since RV windshield and glass replacement is generally more expensive than a car windshield replacement, most RV owners will pay their deductible and let their insurance pay for the rest.

Will insurance pay for foggy RV windows?

Generally, no. It’s possible there’s an insurance company out there that will cover foggy windows, but we’ve never seen it.

How long does it take for insurance companies to finalize payment for glass repair work?

This doesn’t really matter much to you (the customer). Your repair will be taken care of immediately. However, to process all the payment paperwork and finalize the back and forth between us and the insurance company, can take up to 6 months. Our customers are rarely involved in this back and forth busy work. Just keep this in mind – this is a part of our cost of doing business. There’s more than just installing vehicle glass! Heck, half of it is tons of paperwork :).

What are our favorite insurance companies to work with?

This may be of interest to you because if we like working with them, that’s a good indication that they will provide you – the vehicle owner – with great service.

These days we really like Auto Club and Mercury. We’re not sponsored, affiliated, or get any sort of kick back from these two companies. They just are easier to work with from our experience.

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