One thing some of our customers ask about is whether or not we can fix “foggy windows”. Fixing foggy windows is a pretty involved process. It can take up to 24 hours to complete the job. See below.

What are foggy windows?

“Foggy windows” is a condition where your vehicle windows look like they are fogged up (for example, what your shower door may look like after a hot, steamy shower). It can also seem as if there’s an icky film on the window or windows. At Alfa Auto Glass we call this Foggy Window Syndrome.

We usually hear about foggy windows from our RV customers. We don’t really hear about it from our customers with regular passenger vehicles.

How Do You Fix Foggy Windows?

Fixing foggy windows is quite an undertaking. In the video below, J. Carlson shows how he fixed foggy windows on his 2008 Fleetwood Bounder. We recommend watching it at 1.5x speed to shorten the watch time.

1. Remove the windows.

Starting off, you may have to remove any blinds, curtains or shade fixtures. Next, you will most likely have to remove the screws in the trim ring. Mr. Carlson recommends taping the trim ring before you remove it so that when it’s time to replace the window, it will make lining things up easier.

Mr. Carlson uses a razor blade to remove sealant around the window. He goes a bit further and uses a plastic crowbar to pry the window out.

2. Separate the window panes.

Depending on the construction of your window(s), you will have to remove any seals, screws and attachment plates to separate the windows. Most RV windows will have one window that slides and one window that’s fixed in position. Both windows may come in two pieces. Mr. Carlson shows how to separate the windows to clean out any fogginess.

3. Clean the glass.

To really get your windows clean, you may want to use professional-grade glass cleaner. Otherwise, you can try Windex or your favorite window cleaning product.

4. Reassemble.

He recommends labeling your windows (window sides), center marks, etc. There may be a spacer that goes between each pane (so plan on buying a new one for this job). He also uses a sealant that he pumps into the crevice between the two panes of glass and the spacer. Note: it can take up to 1 day for the sealant to properly dry. Don’t forget to put the window seal on.

Place the panes back into the window frame and fasten all hardware.

Does Alfa Auto Glass Fix Foggy Windows?

Unfortunately, we don’t fix foggy windows. That’s why we created this article (so our customers can try it themselves). Our main services are replacing vehicle windows, windshield replacement, fixing windshield cracks, and windshield chips.

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