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We Replace and Repair Windshields For All Fleetwood RV Models

Alfa Auto Glass has been servicing all of Southern California since 1988. Our service is 100% mobile, which means we come to you. We service all Fleetwood RV makes and models.

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Fleetwood makes award-winning recreational vehicles, and from time to time, even they can get that unfortunate crack in the windshield – usually coming back from a long trip. It’s particularly hard to avoid for RVs since most RV drivers drive in the same lane as semi-trucks and gravel hauling rigs.

However, don’t worry! If you have a cracked windshield, we can help. We’ve repaired and replaced thousands of RV windshields all over Southern California. Call us to schedule an appointment and we’ll come right over and get you taken care of.

Fleetwood southwind RV side windows

Fleetwood Southwind RV with gorgeous side windows! Pssst! We fix and replace RV side windows too.

Fleetwood RV Models We Service

We can repair or replace the windshields of any of the following Fleetwood RV models:

America Allegiance Expedition Pace Arrow LXE
American Eagle Flair Providence
American Heritage Fortis Quest
American Tradition Frontier Revolution
Bounder Icon Southwind
Discovery Irok Storm
Discovery LXE Jamboree Terra
Elite Mallard Tioga
Excursion Pace Arrow Unlimited

Note: If we missed a model in the list above, we can still repair or fixed the windshield on it.

Fleetwood Bounder Windshield Replacement Process

A Fleetwood Bounder getting brought back to life. First step: new windshields!

2004 fleetwood pace arrow right and left windshield

Windshield Replaced on Fleetwood Pace Arrow

How long does it take to replace a Fleetwood RV windshield?

On average, it takes us about two to three hours to replace the windshield. We will come to your home or office and do the replacement on the spot. All we need from you when we get there are the keys. You’re free to run errands or take care of other business while we work. We will call or text you when the job is complete.

Fleetwood Expedition Windshield Replacement

Fleetwood Expedition Windshield Replacement

Will my insurance cover windshield replacement?

In most cases, yes. We will coordinate with your insurance company to see what amount of the job can be covered by insurance.

How can I protect my new windshield from getting cracked again?

Windshield cracks are a pretty random event. And since you don’t have that much control of how to prevent them, there are a few tips to help reduce such events:

  • Don’t drive fast – The faster you drive, the more impact force is exerted on your windshield.
  • Avoid driving behind uncovered big rigs and semis – Trucks that haul debris, gravel, and other F.O.D. are more likely to jettison rocks, pebbles and other matter that can crack your windshield.
  • Avoid parking under trees – Stormy weather can cause branches to break and fall on your RV. Additionally, certain pine cones that fall from high distances can do a number on your windshield!

Fleetwood Discovery RV windshield replacement before

Fleetwood Discovery RV windshield replacement (before)

Fleetwood Discovery RV windshield replacement after

Fleetwood Discovery RV windshield replacement (after)

fleetwood southwind storm left and right windshields installed

Fleetwood Soutwind Storm getting a new right and left windshields.

Fleetwood Flair Windshield Replacement

2018 Fleetwood Pace Arrow Windshield Replacement

fleetwood mallard left side windows

Fleetwood Mallard – left side windows

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