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Mercury stopped producing vehicles in 2011, however, for those that are still on the road, we can replace their windows, side mirrors and windshields. We are located in Southern California. Please call (714) 323-2672 to schedule an appointment.

Mercury Cougar

Mercury Cougar – Windshield, Vent Glass and Side Windows Visible (Source)

Models We Service

Capri Marquis Mystique
Cougar Milan Sable
Grand Marquis Montego Topaz
Marauder Monterey Villager
Mariner Mountaineer


Vintage Mercury Windshield and Window Replacement

If you have a vintage Mercury (pre-1980) and would like us to replace the windshield or a window on it, please call us at (714) 323-2672. Have your VIN number ready. It may take a few days to source the glass. Remember, we only work on vehicles located in Southern California.

Isn’t Ford and Mercury Glass The Same Thing?

In most cases, yes. Actually maybe in all cases. There could be a really rare, old Mercury vehicle that used one-off glass parts. But for the most part, many Ford and Mercury vehicles were nearly identical. Which means the glass parts were the same.

So, if you happen to have a Ford windshield or window part and you’d like us to replace it on a Mercury vehicle, call us with your VIN and glass part numbers handy.

mercury mariner windshield

Shown above: Mercury Marina windshield, driver-side window and quarter glass (Source).

Do Mercury Windshields Need To Be Calibrated?

Since Mercury automobile production stopped around 2011, the technologies that require windshield calibration were just being released by a few auto makers. We haven’t seen a Mercury that needed windshield calibration yet. If your Mercury does have lane assistance or ADAS, please let us know. Chances are it would have to be one of the last models made.

Related Glass Services

We can also replace any windows on your Mercury. Whether it’s a back window, side window, sun/moon roof, quarter or vent glass. If one of your windows (or the windshield) is leaking, we can fix that as well. Just contact us to schedule an appointment – (714) 323-2672.

Tips For Keeping Windshields & Glass Crack Free

  • Don’t drive behind gravel hauling trucks or cement mixers. If you notice you’re behind any open-top, uncovered truck that looks like rocks and pebbles can fly out of it at any moment, move away from it. Or stay 200 feet behind it.
  • Keep vintage Mercury’s parked inside a garage or under a cover. The sun, exhaust dust and other agents can deteriorate seals and weather stripping. This can cause leaks which will damage your car’s interior and sometimes rust the vehicle body.
  • Watch out when you’re backing up. Protruding objects can break windows if you’re not careful. As we get used to “backing up by camera” we’re starting to lose our backing up skills. Keep this in mind.

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