Alfa Auto Glass Only Services Southern California

We can replace any Rexhall RV windshield that is in Southern California. Our team can travel to your RV and perform the replacement at your home or office. Please call (714) 323-2672 to obtain a free quote or to schedule an appointment.

Models We Service

  • 360GT
  • Aerbus
  • Aerbus 32XL
  • Aerbus 37
  • Aerbus 535
  • Aerbus 2900
  • Aerbus 3650
  • Aerbus S351
  • Aerbus XL-2800
  • Aerbus XL-3000
  • Aerbus XL-3100
  • Aerbus XL-3300S
  • Aerbus XL-3250
  • Aerbus XL-3550D
  • Aerbus XL-3550BSL
  • Airex 829
  • American Clipper
  • American Clipper M-26
  • Anthem
  • RexAir 3250
  • RexAir 3650BSL
  • RexAir XL3000
  • RexAir 3500BSL
  • RoseAir 3690DS
  • RoseAir 3950HLET
  • RoseAir 3955HL
  • Vision V-26
  • Vision V-29
  • Vision V-315
  • VW0915

Note: Rexhall is no longer in business. However, we still regularly replace windshields and windows for many of the models that were produced during Rexhall’s existence.

Other Rexhall Window & Glass Services

We do more than just replace windshields. Here are some of our other glass and mirror related services:

  • Left and right windshields
  • Driver side window
  • Entry door window
  • Side windows
  • Bathroom windows
  • Rear windows
  • Side mirrors
  • Window frames

Tips for keeping your Rexhall Windshield and Windows in good shape

It’s tempting to try to squeeze your Rexhall RV into driveways and car-ports while leaving as little room as possible between your RV and the next car or garage door. We get it – space is valuable and you’re trying to make the most of it. But when you do that, you leave very little room to move around when you’re near your recreational vehicle. This creates the perfect situation where, when you start moving items near your RV, you end up bumping into windows and your windshield. We suggest trying to leave some margin around your RV.

Another classic RV windshield hazard are rock and gravel strikes that get thrown out of gravel hauling trucks. RVs have massive frontal areas which are great at fielding every little pebble that falls off gravel trucks. So, if you see one on the road, keep your distance!

Finally, we do come across quite a few people that park their RV at construction sites. Construction sites are obviously full of hazards: from bulldozers to people moving material around. If you can keep your RV from most of the action, you’ll avoid scratches and breaks that can arise from construction activity.

Rexhall RV

Tips for when you visit the great outdoors

The whole point of owning an RV is to go experience nature while keeping it as comfy as possible. But nature isn’t always nice to RVs. Here are some tips to keep your windows and windshields intact when you’re out on your adventures.

  • Use Bear Boxes – If you take your RV camping, it’s generally a good idea to put any food, lotion, anything that has an odor into bear boxes (if they are provided). Bears are very strong and can tear through RV doors and windows if they smell something interesting.
  • Watch Where You Park – It may seem like a good idea to park under a big tree and take advantage of some shade. Keep in mind, big pines can drop some pretty destructive pine cones on your rig. Chances are nothing horrible will happen, but we’ve seems amazing damage from cones. Also, tree sap can be quite a challenge to get off windows and windshields.
  • Watch Out When You’re Backing Up – RVs aren’t the easiest things to see around. Watch out for low tree limbs, rocks and other hazards.

Rexhall RV Image