Alfa Auto Glass Only Services Southern California

If you have a Damon RV and are in need of windshield replacement, please call (714) 323-2672 to schedule an appointment or get a free quote. We service Southern California. We can drive to you or you can come to us to have the replacement done.

Note: Damon RV is now Thor Motor Coach. However, we can still service Damon models (windshield and window replacement).

Damon RV Models We Provide Glass Services For:

Astoria 3595 Challenger 378 Intruder 377
Astoria 3679 Daybreak 36SD Intruder 378
Astoria 3772 Daybreak 2740 Intruder 379
Astoria 3773 Daybreak 2960 Outlaw 3611
Astoria 3776 Daybreak 3130 Tuscany 34ST
Challenger 274 Daybreak 3135 Tuscany 45AT
Challenger 315 Daybreak 3211 Tuscany 4055
Challenger 329 Daybreak 3270 Tuscany 4056
Challenger 330 Daybreak 3274 Tuscany 4072
Challenger 335 Daybreak 3276 Tuscany 4074
Challenger 348 Daybreak 3280 Tuscany 4075
Challenger 349 Daybreak 3370 Tuscany 4076
Challenger 353 Daybreak 3575 Ultrasport 3411
Challenger 355 Escaper 4076 Ultrasport 3670
Challenger 368 Intruder 325 Ultrasport 3679
Challenger 371 Intruder 349 Ultrasport 3873
Challenger 372 Intruder 373 Ultrasport 3976
Challenger 377 Intruder 374 Ultrasport 4075


damon outlaw left and right windshield replacement

Shown above: Alfa Auto Glass is replacing both the left and right windshield on a Damon Outlaw (before and after).

Other Damon RV Glass Services

At Alfa Auto Glass we can also repair and replace other glass-based parts:

  • Window Frame Replacement
  • Side Windows
  • Entry Door Windows
  • Rear Windows
  • Rock Chip Repair


We can work with your insurance company to help cover the cost of window and/or windshield replacement. Not all policies cover glass repair, so be sure to call your insurance agent or company to find out what your policy covers (and how much the deductible is).

Before We Arrive

There are a few things you can do that can help us with the job:

  • Make Some Room – If your RV is parked in a tightly packed carport or driveway that doesn’t have much room for someone to move around in, then move it a few feet so we have room to work. We’ll be using ladders and need some space to maneuver the windshield or window in place.
  • Dogs – If you can keep dogs inside or fenced in, that’d be great!
  • Children – We’ll be using tools, ladders and working with glass. If you can keep the little ones away, that would also be great!

Video Review

Damon’s are still sought after even overseas!

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