At Alfa Auto Glass we can repair any windshield crack on any vehicle if you’re located in L.A. or O.C. Please call (714) 323-2672 to schedule an appointment.

What Kind Of Vehicles Can We Repair Cracks On?

We can repair windshield cracks on the following vehicle types:

  • Cars (coupes, sedans, station wagons)
  • Construction Vehicles
  • Electric Vehicles (EVs)
  • Semi-Trucks
  • SUVs
  • Trucks
  • Vans

Free Windshield Crack Repair Paid By Insurance

Windshield cracks are extremely dangerous and should be repaired as quickly as possible. When windshield cracks get too large they can be impossible to repair correctly.

windshield crack repair process

Pictured Above: Technician performing windshield crack repair

Automotive manufacturers suggest replacing auto glass with large cracks because the structural integrity is weakened. This is important because the majority of a car cab’s strength comes from the front glass in the event of a rollover during an accident.

Most comprehensive insurance will pay for a windshield crack repair and we even file the paperwork for you. Our mobile units come out to your location to get your auto glass back into shape.

windshield crack repair procedure

Windshield Crack Being Repaired

How Do Windshield Cracks Happen?

Most of us probably know about rocks that fly up and hit your windshield while you’re driving on the freeway. The most common way a windshield cracks is when you are following a gravel hauling truck that isn’t covered. As the truck vibrates and bounces down the road, small rocks exit the truck bed and your windshield runs right into them. And obviously, the faster you’re driving, the more the impact force is on your windshield.

I had the unfortunate scenario where a gravel hauling truck was passing me on a two-lane road. This can be worse because the speed of the truck ADDS to the speed you’re driving, so the gravel impact force is much higher. And yep, passing by that truck was a mistake!

Pine Cones

This is an event that you don’t think about too often. If you park your car under a large pine tree, pine cones can fall and crack your windshield. Now, there are only a few species of pine where this is an issue. The most dangerous case would be somewhere in the California wilderness where you find the tallest trees on earth. In this scenario, perhaps a rodent has nibbled on an unopened pine cone that has fallen on your vehicle. So, be careful if you go camping in those areas. Watch your head as well!

Construction Zones

Any time you have service trucks with objects protruding from them, you can get a cracked windshield. They may back up into your vehicle, and say a rod of rebar impacts your windshield. It happens.

Impact From Balls

Some kids still play in the street – playing baseball or even doing chip shots with golf clubs. The most likely way to crack your windshield from a ball is by parking or driving by a golf course.

Working On Your Car

Any time you have your hood open and your tools out, there’s a chance that something or someone is going to nick your windshield.

Trash Day

In some cities, the trash trucks are automated. The truck will come by, pick up a trash can and then throw it back down on the ground. Occasionally, this activity has been known to break tail lights and even crack windshields. However, it’s very rare.

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