Toyotas are one of the most popular automobile brands in the United States. Known for their reliability, build quality and reasonable price – you see them all over the road.

Orange County drivers are particularly fond of Toyotas for the reasons listed above. Plus many of us are still commuting to and from work or are shuttling kids around town. Toyotas are both great for commuters and families – they’re safe, economical and some models are very fuel efficient.

But, with all that hustle and bustle you’re going to get a cracked or broken windshield at some point. In this post, we want to provide a guide for you as to what your options are for getting your windshield replaced in sunny Orange County.

You Can Call Alfa Auto Glass – We Come To You!


We promise this guide will not be TOO self-serving and we will try to be as unbiased as possible. But this is our blog, so we’re going to recommend our service first.

We’ve replaced thousands of Toyota windshields this century and hundreds last century. We have more experience replacing Toyota auto glass than most Toyota dealership technicians. It doesn’t mean Toyota dealerships aren’t good at it, it just means we really know what we’re doing.

If you want your Toyota windshield replaced properly, with safety as a priority and for a reasonable price, then call us at: 714-323-2672.

Contact Your Local Orange County Toyota Dealer

tustin toyota

Toyota dealerships have very nice people who answer the phone and will direct your call to the appropriate department. For windshield replacement, you want to be patched into the parts and service department. We’ve listed the phone number of all the service departments for all the Orange County Toyota dealerships below.

The dealers will replace windshields and other auto glass parts. They will also give you the price over the phone for the cost of the service. It can help move things along a bit faster if you have your VIN on you.

orange county toyota dealership

We’ll usually recommend Tustin Toyota since it’s the closest to our office.

Pro-Tip: Try to get everything done in ONE phone call. For example, if they tell you they will call you back with a price or “someone from service will call you back”, see if you can wait on the phone. I’ve noticed I’m not getting timely calls back from dealerships these days. Try to get an estimate and get scheduled to have the service done on the same call.


safelite auto glass lake forest ca

Safelite is a large auto glass replacement business, analogous to Jiffy Lube and oil changes. Like Alfa Auto Glass, they focus on auto glass replacement services. Safelite has been around for a long time and is nationwide. They have a very trustworthy brand and are easy to get a hold of. We’d rather recommend a large national brand than a fly-by-night competitor that may turn into a nightmare for you.

Safelite (Irvine)
3 Faraday B
Irvine, CA 92618
(949) 544-1970


orange county toyota windshield repair reviews

Be sure to toggle the review filter!

Yelp can be a good place to sniff out services. You can read the recommendations left by other Yelpers to try and deduce what the best business for a particular category is. Be careful of fake reviews or reviews left by friends and family.

Also, if you see a business that has a ton of short five-star reviews, that can be an indication of review manipulation where the business is engaging in nefarious review spam to bump up their rating.

Remember, a few negative reviews are normal. Anything that has a perfect 5-star rating is probably spam (unless the business has just launched). Another thing to realize is simply math: As a business ages, it’s statistically impossible to keep a 5-star review when you’re serving thousands of customers every year. It’s kind of like playing the lottery. It’d be a one-in-a-million winner, to have hundreds of perfect 5-star reviews. Basically impossible.

Google Maps

Google Maps can be a really convenient way to find an auto glass repair business. You can zoom into the part of town you’re located in to find the outfit that is closest to you. You’ll have to do this in conjunction with searching on the map.

Heads up: If you look in Google Maps for windshield repair, you may run into windshield repair businesses where something seems fishy.

orange county windshield replacement businesses map

Google Maps is a useful tool to find windshield replacement businesses. Just watch out for fake or ghost locations.

Part of this is that some businesses are no longer in business. Sometimes, people will set up multiple locations in order to “cast a wider net”. What you can do is actually zoom into the location and grab the little yellow person so you get the 360-degree street view.

google maps grab yellow person for 360 degree street view

This will allow you to walk around the area where the business is located. If you don’t see the business, that could be an indication that you have found a ghost listing.

Toyota Windshield Pricing

If you have an older model, your windshield replacement costs will be pretty affordable. Older Camry and Corolla windshields are probably some of the lowest-priced windshields out there. They also don’t require calibration since they don’t have many Advanced Driver-Assistance Systems. Basically, anything before 2012 is going to be pretty affordable in terms of part costs and labor.

Even with that said, newer Toyota models are not that expensive compared to high-end automobiles like Land Rover, Mercedes and BMWs. Even Tesla windshields can get up there in price. If you would like a free quote, feel free to call us at 714-323-2672.

The Alfa Auto Glass Advantage: Speed & Convenience for You

One of our strongest advantages is that we’re fast. We have a central office with a receptionist who will always pick up the phone during normal business hours. We also drive to you so you don’t have to take time off work to have your Toyota windshield replaced. We may not be able to replace your windshield the same day (for example if you call right before closing time), but you can schedule an appointment for a day and time that works for you.

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