Alfa Auto Glass Only Services Southern California

If you have a back window that needs to be replaced, then please call Alfa Auto Glass at (714) 323-2672 to schedule an appointment.

Note: we only service Southern California.

How long does it take to replace a back window?

Back windows are the fastest glass replacement service we offer. The reason why is because:

  • There are no mechanical or electrical parts to deal with (like on side windows)
  • They do not need to be calibrated (like on a new vehicle’s front windshield)
  • They are often smaller pieces and don’t require two technicians

Once we arrive at your vehicle, it usually takes us about 30 minutes to replace a back window.

More importantly: Many of our competitors are really slow to respond. That’s the greatest time-saving we offer. You’ll hear back from us today. We answer the phone immediately.

Vehicle models we service:

Acura Hyundai Mini
Alfa Romeo Infiniti Mitsubishi
Audi Isuzu Nissan
BMW Jaguar Oldsmobile
Buick Jeep Polestar
Cadillac Kia Pontiac
Chevrolet Land Rover Porsche
Chrysler Lexus Ram
Dodge Lincoln Subaru
Ford Lucid Motors Tesla
Genesis Maserati Toyota
GMC Mazda Volkswagen
Honda Mercedes Volvo
Hummer Mercury


Alfa Auto Glass replacing back windows in action!

Here are a few photos we’ve snapped over the years of our team replacing back windows:

lexus rear window replacement find model

Lexus Rear window replacement service

We regularly service foreign luxury cars. You don’t have to go to the dealer to have auto glass replaced. We source the same parts as the dealer (or better). Plus, we travel to you to save you time and money!

BMW M3 rear window replacement

BMW M3 getting a new rear window

We’ve worked on a lot of BMWs over the years. It’s one of our most serviced vehicle brands year after year. This M3 in particular was modified for racing and what appears to be car shows.

dodge charger rear window replacement

We can replace back windows on vintage (or new) Dodge Chargers as well

And yes, we work on a lot of vintage vehicles too. Muscle cars, classic cars and even collector automobiles. Look at how beautiful that Charger looks!

vintage chevy truck rear window replacement

Vintage Chevy Truck

This is one of the easier replacements. Small glass, flat surface and the bed is out of the way! Doesn’t get any easier than this.

2016 peterbilt rear cab window replacement

We can even replace the rear window on semi-truck cabs

This might be one of the rarest back window replacements we’ve ever done. We RARELY need to replace THREE back windows at once. What vehicles have three separate back windows? Not many!

Myth busting: It’s not called a back windshield

Now, this little fact can help when calling in to schedule an appointment or if you’re dealing with a police report. The correct terminology is rear window. Cars, trucks, SUVs, semi trucks, RVs and motorhomes only have a front windshield (sometimes a left and right windshield). None of these vehicle types have a rear windshield or back windshield.

A few tips to avoid broken back windows

Back up carefully

This is less of an issue with sedans and more of a problem when it comes to vans, RVs, and some SUVs. Once in a blue moon, a customer will back into an object that breaks their back window. It could be something in a warehouse or construction site, like a truck bed with a bunch of rebar on it.

truck with rebar sticking out


Don’t leave items in your back seat or in view

Thieves will look through back windows to see if there are any items of value in the rear of your vehicle. This is a huge problem in the San Francisco Bay Area. However, car break-ins have been known to occur in Los Angeles and Orange County as well. We generally don’t even recommend placing these items in your trunk either. The best bet is to take them indoors.

smash and grab broken rear window

Smash and Grab victim – result: broken rear window (Source)

Avoid rowdy people & general riff-raff

The first two broken car windows I ever chalked up were from kids doing bad things. The first was actually my college friend who was throwing beer bottles into our parking lot during an evening of drunkenness. Keep in mind this was last century. One of his bottles hit my car window. The second time was from some kids in my neighborhood, one of which threw a soda or juice bottle at my car window.

All I can say is, if you live in a place where these sorts of things may happen, try parking your car in a garage. I know sometimes this isn’t possible. Otherwise, try to park on the side of the street or block where the riff-raff tends to be more mellow.

Can my car insurance pay for back window replacement?

Yes, it can. But you really need to comb through your insurance policy first. It may just be a matter of you paying your deductible. If you’re unsure, you can contact your insurance agent and they will let you know what your policy covers.

Back window replacement on other vehicle types

Not only do we replace the back windows on cars, trucks and SUVs – we also replace them on motorhomes, RVs, semi-trucks (tractor trailers), school buses, travel buses and 5-wheels.

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