One of the more rare semi-truck brands we see around town, however, we do replace windshields on Western Star trucks. Please call (714) 323-2672 to schedule an appointment or to receive a free quote. We are located in Southern California and can travel to your truck to do the repairs.

Additional Western Star Glass Repair Services

We can also fix or replace driver and passenger side windows, window regulators, rear and cab windows. We can also replace side mirrors.

Western Star Truck Good Angle of Windows

This Western Star truck has left and right windshields and vent glass – rare to see these days! (Source).

Models We Service

47X 4900EX 4986SX
49X 4900FA 5700
4700 4900TS 5700XE
4800 4900XD 5800
4800FX 4964 5800SS
4800FXB 4964EX 5864SS
4864 4964F 5900
4864F 4964FA 5964S
4864FX 4964FX 5964SS
4864FXB 4964FXC 6900
4864S 4964S 6900FX
4884F 4964SX 6900FXC
4900 4986FX 6900XD


Western Star trucks are known for their rugged abilities to service construction, logging, mining, oil & gas, towing, and municipal applications. If you have trucks in any of these industries or service applications that need window or windshield repair – we can service other truck brands as well.

Alfa Auto Glass Can Come To Your Truck

As long as your truck is in Southern California, we can travel to it to do glass repairs. Ideally, we’ll need some room to do our work , so don’t park in busy lots or facilities where there isn’t much room. We’ll be using ladders and will need access to our tools nearby. A good clear, six foot radius around the truck cab usually suffices.

We Accept Payment From Commercial & Business Insurance

We can work with your insurance company (or agent) to get payment for any windshield, window or glass work taken care of. Your policy will state whether or not your truck is covered for windshield and glass repairs (note: you may have to pay a deductible).

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