We can replace any Peterbilt windshield. We are located in Southern California and we will travel to your truck to do the replacement.

Driving to and from the ports of Los Angeles, Long Beach, and San Diego means you’re going to encounter some rocks and pebbles along the way. If your truck’s windshield has cracked, give us a call at (714) 323-2672 and we can arrange to meet you.

2013 Peterbilt semi truck windshield replacement

2013 Peterbilt Windshield Replacement

Peterbilt Windshield Repair: Models We Service

  • Model 220
  • Model 325
  • Model 330
  • Model 337
  • Model 348
  • Model 357
  • Model 365
  • Model 367
  • Model 377
  • Model 378
  • Model 379
  • Model 384
  • Model 385
  • Model 386
  • Model 387
  • Model 388
  • Model 389
  • Model 535
  • Model 536
  • Model 548
  • Model 567
  • Model 587
  • Model 579
  • Model 579 EV

If you don’t see your model on the list above or are unsure about the model number, you can text us the VIN number and a photograph of your truck and we can find out if the windshield is available. Be sure to take a picture of the front of the truck (dead on).

Does your model have a left and a right windshield?

Some (usually older models) Peterbilts come with a dual windshield set up. If so, be sure to tell us which side needs to be replaced to help us get your service done faster. The following terminology will make the process go smoother:

  • Driver side windshield
  • Passenger side windshield
  • Avoid using: “left” and “right” to describe the windshield that needs replacement

We can work with your insurance company

It depends on the terms of your truck insurance policy, but if they will cover the replacement or a portion of it, we’ll work with them obtain payment.

Driving to our facility

We can replace your windshield at our facility, however it will have to be after 6pm. Be sure to schedule an appointment first by calling (714) 323-2672. This will allow us time to procure the windshield that matches your Peterbilt model.

Fixing cracks

We can also do rock chip repair if the crack is small enough. This involves us using a resin product that will seal the crack and prevent it from propagating. Rock chip repairs can be done in as quick as ten minutes.

Replacing and repairing other glass on your truck

We are a full service vehicle glass repair company. We can repair broken or cracked driver side windows, passenger side windows, and miscellaneous cab windows. Just let us know what glass is broken and we’ll let you know if we can fix it.

2016 peterbilt rear cab window replacement

Just finished! New rear windows installed on a 2016 Peterbilt Semi.

peterbilt driver side window

Pictured Above: Driver-Side Window


Other Semi Makes We Service