Alfa Auto Glass is located in Southern California. We have a mobile service where our technicians can drive to your truck to replace your broken SNUGTOP Camper window. Please call (714) 323-2672 to schedule an appointment.

truck SNUGTOP window replacement

We can even replace the little vent windows like the one shown above.

Snugtop camper shells fit on: Chevrolet, Dodge Ram, Ford, GMC, Isuzu, Nissan, VW trucks. We also repair or replace any glass parts on these vehicle brands.

SNUGTOP Models We Service

  • Cab-Hi
  • Expo
  • GB Sport
  • Hi-Liner
  • Rebel
  • Sport Hi-Liner
  • Super Sport
  • Xtra Vision

Unfortunate Events Can Happen. We’re Here To Help!

If some jerk broke into your camper shells or the neighborhood baseball champ hit a line-drive into your camper shell window – we can fix it. In this case, your insurance may cover this repair. Call your insurance broker or agent to find out if you’re covered.

We can fix or replace:

  • Broken camper shell glass
  • Cracked camper shell windows
  • Missing camper shell windows
  • Seal windows / fix window leaks

SNUGTOP Window Tips

  • Beware of the Thief! – Even though your camper shell windows are probably tinted, the thief in the night has ways to inspect the contents of your truck bed. Always take valuables, expensive materials and tools out of your truck bed at night.
  • Watch out when backing up – Camper shells can make backing up a bit difficult. Blind spots are present and you may run your camper shell window(s) into a protruding object.
  • Think about what you put in your truck bed – That’s right! Sometimes what breaks camper shell windows are items sliding around in your truck bed. Steel items, bricks, tools, rebar – these kind of objects can break windows when you’re taking fast corners or come to an abrupt stop.

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