If you need a window replaced on a delivery truck or vehicle, please call 714-323-2672 to schedule an appointment. We can travel to your delivery truck to perform the windshield replacement service.

Alfa Auto Glass Only Services Southern California

Nomenclature note: Some people also refer to delivery trucks as stepvans or step vans. This type of vehicle is commonly used by delivery companies such as Amazon, UPS, FedEx, DHL and the United States Postal Service (USPS). We replace windshields on stepvans as well.

delivery truck sideview


Delivery Truck Brands We Service

  • Chevrolet
  • Ford
  • Freightliner
  • GMC
  • Grumman
  • International
  • LDV
  • Mercedes Sprinter Vans
  • Morgan Olson
  • Utilimaster
  • Workhorse

Rivian is about to provide an electric delivery truck. If you need a new windshield for a Rivian delivery truck, please call with the VIN number (714-323-2672).

Passenger-Side and Driver-Side Windshields

Some delivery trucks will have two windshields: one on the driver’s side and one on the passenger side (even though you don’t have a passenger seat). We are able to service either side. Avoid calling them “left” or “right” because that can cause confusion during the part procurement process.

delivery truck with left and right windshield

Some delivery trucks will have two windshields – right and left – or passenger side and driver side (Source)

Mailcat (LLV) Windshield Replacement

USPS mailcat llv windshield


We can replace the windshield on the USPS Mailcat LLV vehicles. Again, we only service Southern California.

What Are Some Common Reasons Why Delivery Windshields Break?

The most common reason is simply road debris. Specifically, rocks and pebbles that hit delivery truck windshields when they are driving down a highway or freeways. In this scenario, the relatively high speed combined with the rock impact causes windshield breakage.

Delivery trucks have an unfortunate design issue: poor aerodynamics. Because of the boxy profile, road debris tends to hit the delivery truck windshield dead-on instead of flowing up or around the vehicle. This increases the chances of direct rock and pebble smacks and thus broken windshields.

delivery truck aerodynamics

Delivery trucks suffer from poor aerodynamic styling which can increase windshield breakage.

Another reason why delivery truck windshields break is because of road accidents. It’s really important to train your delivery drivers to drive slowly even though the entire business stresses urgency. Driving slowly will save lives, reduce vehicle damage from accidents and lower insurance costs. It actually pays to be extra careful in this business!

Finally, the end-of-the-day parking lot or area for delivery trucks can be a place where windshields can get damaged. Some businesses have busy lots and warehouses where objects can smash into a windshield and break it. Any warehouse or industrial setting where beams, bars, and forklifts exist can be a cause for windshield breakage. Just the nature of such busy spaces can be the issue.

delivery truck warehouse

Where you return your delivery truck at the end of the day can be a source of accidents (Source)

Other Delivery Truck Glass and Window Services

Additionally, we can replace side windows (driver-side and passenger-side windows), vent glass and back windows. We can also replace window frames.

Delivery Van Windshield Replacement

delivery van


We also replace delivery van windshields. The brands we usually work on are:

If you have an off-brand delivery vehicle, then please note that we can replace most windshields. If you call us with your VIN we can most likely source the parts. You can call 714-323-2672 to schedule an appointment.

We Travel To Your Truck


You’ll have the option to either drive to our facility in Tustin, CA, or have us drive to you to perform the windshield replacement service. We can work in facility yards or on the street adjacent to your facility. There is no extra charge or fee for us to come to you.

Paying With Business Insurance

We accept payments from your insurance company. You may have to factor in your deductible when submitting a claim, but we regularly work with insurance companies.

Contact Alfa Auto Glass Today

If you have a delivery truck or vehicle that needs a new windshield or other window repairs, then please call 714-323-2672 to schedule an appointment. Please have your VIN ready.

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